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"So Others May Live"

Mission Statement
The Ramsey Rescue Squad is an independent, volunteer-based, heavy rescue squad which continuously strives to be on the forefront of the emergency rescue industry.  We aspire to retain our standing as the number one rescue company in the region.  We strive to uphold this reputation in the community by developing and delivering highly specialized emergency services.  We achieve this through safety, training, and effective leadership.  We resolve to offer the community with professional, competent, and effective emergency services.

The Ramsey Rescue Squad is charged with several types of highly specialized emergency rescues:

▪ Motor Vehicle Accident Extrication via 'Jaws of Life'

▪ Confined Space Rescue

▪ Trench Collapse Shoring / Rescue

▪ Structural Collapse Shoring / Rescue

▪ Search and Rescue

▪ High Angle Rescue / Rope Rescue

▪ Elevator Rescue

▪ Water Rescue

▪ Ice Rescue

▪ Firefighting

▪ Breathing Air Cascade & Fire Ground Support Operations with the Ramsey Fire Department

▪ Haz-Mat Technicians and Decontamination w/ Mahwah Fire Dept.       Haz-Mat Co. #2

▪ Ramsey Police Department assistance for traffic and crowd control     as well as crime scene investigations

▪ Ramsey Ambulance Corps assistance with Squad EMT’s, drivers & patient lifting

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